Light, color, movement,

The Lumino, born in Nicolas Schöffer’s imagination, is the very symbol of these three elements.
As an ambience creator, he invented his famous “Lights Wall” with the idea that this dream object could have its place anywhere. For the first time, an artist decided to partner with a big firm. For the first time, a piece of art was industrially conceived. With PHILIPS producing the Lumino, Nicolas Schöffer wished to invite as many people as possible in his own marvelous universe.
This Sculptor Of Light, this cyberneticist of worldwide reputation, created a work capable of acting on artistic sensibility, on psychological or even physiological behavior: Nicolas Schöffer gives us a constantly renewed show, different for each person.
This combination of color, light and movement is a symbol: it may very well mean reconciliation between man and art.


Born on September 6th, 1912 in Kalocsa (Hungary), lived in Paris since 1936, became French in 1948, and died in his Montmartre atelier, Villa des Arts, on the 8th of January 1992.
Studied at the Jesuit College of Kalocsa; Doctorate of Law; Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Budapest (Hungary). After further studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Atelier Sabatté), he developed a very personal style of work. His career as creator-innovator includes sculpture, architecture, urbanism, total theatre, tapestry, film, music, teaching, and books.
He is the father of Cybernetic Art (1954) and Video Art (1961)




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