Jamel Rakhmi

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Djamel Rakhmi is first and foremost a professional runner. Middle-distance running has been half of his life for the past ten years. By dint of training and endurance, he reached the highest rankings: 17th at French cross-country Championship, 5th at 1500 m French championship. Nowadays, he usually runs a distance of 20 km.

He knows the day-to-day suffering for a runner: stuck feet, crushed feet, bloody feet…Throughout the years, he acquired a complete knowledge of the foot, its different morphologies, its movements in the shoe and the different ways it hits the ground.

Jamel started to work in the field of running shoes for famous sportswear brands. Later he became manager for a luxury shoes brand and realized that clients often complained about the lack of comfort. That is how he decided to create his own shoe brand for men from the same generation, unconventional young men who seek elegance AND comfort as well as audacity AND conformity.

His shoes combine the elegance of leather shoes with the comfort of running shoes.