John Pearce


+33 6 60 08 74 87


Stand 82


Formerly a chartered accountant, John Pearce embarked the adventure of “brocante” by accident, and this serendipity led him to settle in Marché Dauphine in 1991. He is a part of Marché Dauphine since its opening.

Trunks, ship’s chests, navigating boats and flying airplanes (built true to scale), this is the place to start your journey.

When asked what he thinks of his job as an antiques dealer, John answers that things have become more and more complicated, but he assures that he “keeps reasonable prices and always answers questions with a smile”.

This gentleman brings his speech to a close with a sentence the vast majority of his colleagues would applaud: “We must try to convince the Parisians that they have a fantastic place, the only one of its kind in the world, right next door. An endless market for everyone’s taste and for every generation”.