Nature abhors a vacuum and Leyla Ahi’s gallery is the most perfect proof. Piles of ancient textiles are stacked from floor to ceiling, in every corner of the room, whether they are for furniture or clothing, from Provence or Burma, from the Coptic period or from the Italian designer Piero Fornasetti. The whole world comes by, theater or movie decorators, fashion designers, anonymous collectors and addicts.

They look for period costumes – a cape, a dress “à la Française”, a 18th century man costume – for ethnic costumes – Moroccan kaftans, Chinese kimonos, African boubous – as well as clerical garments, matador costume, militaria, trimmings, embroideries, Oriental or Art Deco rugs.

Leyla Lebeurrier-Ahi is a member of the National Company of Experts, as an expert in ancient textiles. She grew up an insider, so it was logical for her, at the end of her studies in art history at Paris Sorbonne, to become part of the game. She can tell you the story of every piece with infectious enthusiasm – and her perfect English helps speaking to her most famous clients like William Christie or Woody Allen, not to mention her French client like Jacques Garcia and Mr. Rose, an opera decorator specialized in Wagnerian productions. Leyla also provided the costumes for Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette.