Floriane has a master degree in Heritage Conservation and Restoration, with a specialty in easel painting. After graduating, she traveled between Rome, Eastern Sicily and of course Paris. In 2019 she opened her restoration workshop in Marché Dauphine. She works for antique dealers and auction houses as well as individuals. This year she obtained the restoration of the Christ on the Cross for Basilique Saint-Denys d’Argenteuil, partnering with Laure Montastier for frames (Icono Cadre, stand 184) and Ship Antiques (stands 24 to 26) for transportation and installation.

She mostly works on the pictorial layer and the medium: de-restoration, re-fixing, cleaning, clearing the varnish, patching up, strengthening, sealing, touching-up….Floriane doesn’t wish to specialize on a definite era, but she personally loves the paintings created between the two world wars.