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Philippe Bézamat, initially from the computer science universe, started his business in Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt (Aveyron) with a specialty in ancient letters, manuscripts and autographs. Since the spring of 2014, Philippe Bézamat, who lives in Montmartre, chose the Marché Dauphine to open his first store. His reasons for choosing Marché Dauphine was “its diversity, its collective spirit and environment, its choices of themes and its passion”. After several years of on-line selling, Philippe and Nathalie Bézamat needed a physical place, open to the public, where they could meet, share, exchange, discuss with a diverse clientele, for their own personal fulfillment. The variety of the demand covers many fields, from Napoleon era to literature in general, including Molière (extremely rare) to Surcouf or Chopin, often unaffordable.

With several thousand documents, selling for 30€ to more than 2500€, Passé Présent gets coming in their store ministers, industry captains, wealthy families and nobilities looking after their past, museum presidents, passionate collectors, all of them as fascinated by the signatories as by the recipients of these letters.

Of course, everything here is authentic, and each document unique: no fac-simile, no reproduction, either for a 15th century letter or an autograph from the 1960s.