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Stand 89

“Passion, fascination, creation, talents, these are the words that structure us around a collection of interactive boards, the only one of its kind in the world” Art Flight Instruments.

A student at the famous Penninghen school (Graphic Arts Superior School), presents the “Volume” thesis, a kind of representation widespread since then. Led by his artistic approach and his graphic talents, he recreates various flight instruments.

Art Flight Instruments embodied by Boramy THONG welcomes us in its universe, where technology, design and avionic products combine to pass along his passion for Concord and aeronautics.

The performance lies in the manufacturing process, which is purely a craft production. Technology, Art and industry are here united.

Each piece is unique, creating a slice of history on which the visitors can imagine their dreams. Thanks to the artist’s historic and scientific talent, his creations come alive: they twinkle, light up and live in the most realistic way.